No job is too big or too small for us. From a single box of papers to a storage room full of documents, your sensitive information is safe with us.  At Summit Business Solutions, we can provide you with secure, high-quality destruction services to keep your personally identifiable information out of the wrong hands.



Boxes of paper are charged at a rate of $0.99 cents per pound.
CDs and DVDs are charged $0.20 cents per piece.
Drop off your shredding needs at our Summit Storage & Business Solutions office or take advantage of Summit's FREE* local pick-up service.

*Minimum order applies to free pick up service. Call us for full details.


Pricing for recurring scheduled service is based on the number of bins placed in your office and the pick-up frequency.
This service offers you greater flexibility and retention-time compliance.


Summit Business Solutions offers its customers a convenient way to safely dispose of their sensitive documents with these benefits:
* Select either our  FREE local pick-up service at your home or office or DROP OFF in person
* We’ll shred your sensitive documents in compliance with federal and local regulations
* Our Security Level P-5 shredding offers the utmost security with extra small cross-cut shred size
* We provide a FREE Certificate of Destruction that proves your documents were shredded securely
Bulk or one-time shredding service is a cost-effective way to purge files that you no longer need.
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Documents You Should Shred:
* Tax Files
* Financial Statements
* Medical Records
* Documents with name and any personal or contact details
* Computer Media: CD, DVD

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Data Destruction Laws Protects Everyone

Before the introduction of many of the laws that exist today, organizations could just toss their client’s private information in the trash or recycle documents instead of shredding them. The world has changed greatly making securing private information in paper and electronic form a top priority.
These laws are designed to protect the consumer’s privacy. Whether in the form of paper, digital, or electronic media, your information will be guarded under one of the various state or federal laws.
Paper Shred Size Matters
Our strip width/particle size of  3/32" x 5/8" provides our customers with a high Security Level P-5 cross-cut shred to ensure your sensitive documents are destroyed in compliance with the current industry standards on particle size.

Summit Business Solutions offers a free,  no-obligation customized quote for your document shredding & destruction needs.
Ask us about our first month FREE offer.